Refund Policy


JOBZER offers a modest and easy to comprehend refund policy.
The information hereafter is split into three sections – One Time Submission, Non-Refundable Entries

If you are dissatisfied with our products and services, we will issue you a full / partial refund for certain “Refundable “Products. However, before you request refund, please make sure you have done the following:

  • Contacted our Helpdesk to seek assistance with your problems / to find a solution for your dissatisfaction.
  • Submitted the refund request within 14 days of initial Link Report receipt.
  • Provided a valid reason for the claim of the refund and your dissatisfaction.
  • Provided a valid report against an unauthorized or fraudulent charge ( if any )

It should be noted that after the purchase of Jobzer products and services a notification is given to you estimating the delivery date (working days) of Link Report. The aforementioned date should only be considered as estimation; the Link Report may be delayed due to technical mishaps, high volume of work or other unforeseen factors outside of control.

Once you have filed a refund ticket with, please be patient as the Customer Care response time can range from 24-72 Hours. During this time, you will either be contacted by the customer care to inform that your Refund has been initiated or they will call to gather more information about the refund ticket if they deem necessary.


Cancellation –The Jobzer Monthly Service can be cancelled at any time by contacting the Customer Care and informing them about the same.

Refund – If you are dissatisfied with the Jobzer  Campaign, we will issue you a full or partial refund of the latest billed monthly charge provided you have:

  • Contacted our customer care to seek assistance with your problems / to find a solution for your dissatisfaction.
  • Submitted the refund request within 14 days of initial Link Report receipt.
  • Provided a valid reason for the claim of the refund and your dissatisfaction.
  • Provided a valid report against an unauthorized or fraudulent charge ( if any )

NOTE: A Monthly SEO Service refund request will only be initiated for the current month’s open project; no refund will be sanctioned for the previous month unless the actual refund claim was filed within the 14 days prior timeframe.


Jobzer (also known as Jobzer Holdings) may, but is not under any obligation to, honor requests for refund claims under the following reasons:

NON-DELIVERY OF THE PRODUCT – Due to technical reasons with email service or third-party data transfer services, you did not receive the delivery email from jobzer, and refund claim cannot be filed without proper evidence that you did not receive the final product. In case such an issue occurs, please contact customer care to retrieve your final product with the following evidence:

  • Payment Transaction ID
  • Order Number
  • A proof of email report

DOWNLOAD ISSUES – If due to technical reasons with Internet providers or third-party data service providers you are unable to download the final project reports or sample data, you cannot file a refund claim. advises that you contact the customer support so that they can guide you through the possible solutions to download the final project report. These types of problems are usually client side so no refund is applicable.

IRREPARABLE DEFECTS WITH REPORTS AND DATA – The products and services are thoroughly checked by Jobzer before the final release, still unexpected errors can occur from time to time. In case of such mishaps, please file a support ticket regarding assistance. The situation will be weighed and if it is deemed to be fit by Jobzer, a refund policy will be initiated.

Additional non-returnable / Non- Refundable items/services:
  1. Any types of service campaigns / Link Building /Disavow packages/
  2. Digital contents such as articles, blog content, press release, copywriting contents.
  3. Inbound marketing digital services such as eBooks, documents, infographic visual, video and other informative content.
  4. Domain Registration and related expenses such as WHOIS Protection, Private name servers, Dedicated IP cost.
  5. Project basis Ecommerce and e-Marketing strategic plans costs, Social media, Online Reputation management expenses.
  6. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns Setup Fee, Management Fee, Used Adwords Codes, Re-Targeting and eMarketing promotion campaigns Expenses.
  7. Online Reputation Management, PR, Featured news Syndication and Content Distribution services.

NOTE: Please read this Refund Policy of our Service carefully before acquiring our services or using our website or any third party marketplace(s), related with our business name. Due to the self-assurance and confidence we have in our work-style, we offer a complete money-back guarantee. The refund policy herein is only valid to customers who have acquired our products / services using their original billing details, contact and project details.

In case you face any dissatisfaction with our services, please contact support@jobzerr.comt for assistance. We will try to figure out and limit your reasons for dissatisfaction and will refund our basic charges of off-page optimization.

All refunds will be sent via the same mode of payment that is used by the client. It should be noted that money back guarantee is never offered for off-page work (link building projects, social media promotion, inbound marketing, and content development.

Cancellation of Contract

If you are subscribed to Jobzer Internet Solutions Products and services, then the contract will come to an end when everything specified in the contract has been fulfilled. The contract can also end prematurely if there is any breach in contract and either party decide to cancel it. The contract can also end by a mutual consent from both parties or when it becomes difficult to carry out the obligations specified in the contract due to man-made calamities (war, riots, acts-of-terrorism, etc.) or natural disorders (like hurricane, earthquake, flood etc). The cancellation of the contract, arising however, shall not be affecting or prejudicing the rights accrued by the other apprehensive parties as to the cancellation or the persistence of any of the provision expressly mentioned for surviving or implicitly surviving cancellation.  Any contract can be cancelled with a 30-day notice after the first 30 days of the contract.

Cancellations can be made by contacting Or Open support ticket via Helpdesk Upon cancellation, your account will be permanently deleted.

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