Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Facebook remains one of the most popular platforms in Sri Lanka, with 6 million users active every month. Facebook is best used to attract conventional customers as well as focusing on those above the age of 30.

With a million active users every month, Instagram is the fastest growing platform for Sri Lankans. A majority of users are below 30 years, so this is your best chance to grab the attention of younger customers.

LinkedIn is the most popular professional platforms in the world for good reason. Work with LinkedIn to increase your business’ image in the professional space and make high quality contacts with similar minded individuals.

With almost 200,000 Sri Lankan users daily, Twitter can be a great platform to keep your customers engaged and informed.

Over 30 million YouTube videos are watched everyday by Sri Lankans. That’s an opportunity to reach more than 6 million customers every month, not an opportunity you’d want to ignore.

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