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Frequently Asked Questions

Jobzerr is an online job market where employees can use their skill profitably and less skilled employees are trained to work online.

Yes, if the candidate is skilled and knowledgeable in the selected job, he/she will be definitely provided with a job.

Create your account in Jobzerr.com to become a Jobzerr. You will be examined to check the ability to be a Jobzerr.

Jobzerr do not require any qualification to work in it. To check the ability and capability in you of your selected job, Jobzerr requires you to face the online examination (MCQ & 24 hours job related project) provided.

You are required to provide details about your service.

Orders posted in Jobzerr.com will be bid by Jobzerrs (sellers) to obtain it.

Mail your project to the relevant e-mail address given by your buyers.

Adjustments and modifications can be made for your orders until the buyer is satisfied. You can also charge extra payments for the extra time you spend for the project.

It is depended on your buyer’s requirements. Minimum time to submit your order is 24 hours.

If the buyer is not satisfied with your service including conversational manners, the order can be cancelled by you buyer.

Feedback of the buyer is published in your account and it cannot be edited or removed.

Payments are received by direct bank deposits, online transfers and PayPal cards once a month (each 30 days of a year).

Affiliates will be rewarded with $20 per member when the member first reaches $250 of his/her earnings. At least one member should be joined by an affiliate within 90 days or the account will be cancelled.

No, you should at least have the ability to conversate and understand English language.

Yes, if you perform well and pass an exam during the training period, you will be able to join Jobzerr immediately.

Financial reports will be provided if a request for financial report is sent to revenue@jobzerr.com

If the account is not used for 3 months the account will be automatically deactivated. To be a Jobzerr again, you have to register from the first stage.

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